A list of our daily development sucesses

Domino.Logo module with SVG theming

26. 10. 2023

Domino.Logo component upgraded to include a content module in which SVG can be placed and classed based on one of five css colour variables in the css settings. These variables can be adjusted based on the body theme so the logo changes easily with changing the theme, while SVG needs no multiple loading.

Citae Events automated publishing

21. 10. 2023

All websites who use Events module can one click publish their event in their respective city event server scheme. Example of Brežice Citae event scheme:


13. 10. 2023

Domino.Site.Includes module now offers component/params based control of all head and body includes like google api preconnect / google fonts, all js files, etc. All standard includes can be maintained via modules and called through params based on every identity. Site.Includes is available submodule for every Site identity.

Dimensional Site.Index and Site.Index.Blocks

8. 10. 2023

Site.Slugs are merged into Site.Index which became dimensional. Site.Slugs are dismantled and triple joins are no longer needed to fetch site structure and content based on url request. Now Site.Index serves the purpose for both entry hierarchy as well as for urlname request handling.

Site.Index.Blocks which form the base of templating are now also dimensional. Site.Index.Blocks.Bits are dissmantled and now merged into Blocks. Now page structure can be enabled or disabled based on a single block for a certain language variant of a site.

App.js for all sites now in CDN

2. 10. 2023

Sites are no longer deployed with application and modules. Application (app.min.js) is now always called from a single point for all sites ( and only modules are transpiled into site specific frontend file. The application is therefore controlled from a single point and can be upgraded for all sites at the same time, also drastically increasing page load because of caching.

Only modules are now site specific and they include a smaller load for a single site first load.

For a reference every Domino site now carries a 50 kb application file and on average a 100 kb modules file. Those are along the CSS style file (average 200 kb) the only files loaded.

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