Current version 7.6


Version date: 22. 11. 2019

  • Lang flags removed from Domino.HeaderContact item
  • Domino.LangFlags item created, added to the identity deploy in order for HeaderContact flags to work. Next step is to create scss subitems from every flag to allow manual picking of flags and prevent svg flags taking up space in the final css when more flags will be added.


Version date: 1. 11. 2019

  • Migration of Domino.ContentBlocks to DominoSiteIndexBlocks (theme), deleting Domino.ContentBlocks component files from the app
  • Adding font variable to Domino.Cookies
  • Adding animated show/hide to Domino.Cookies
  • Adding font variable to Domino.Footer
  • Adding font color variables for large viewport in Domino.Menu
  • Adding dropdown submenu to Domino.Menu
  • Cleanup of 7.5 code in Domino.App frontend and backend classes
  • New DCParams system


Version date: 31. 10. 2019

  • New template system with Domino.SiteIndexBlocks
  • Views are removed from functionalities