The »Green« CMS

Saving the World and Nature

We call it »Green CMS«, because it uses far less energy for operation and therefore saving the energy of the servers and also your expenses. Make more and save the World!

Take the workload to the user

DominoCMS operates a bit like SETI. It uses individual computer power based on a javascript app to handle the website and only goes to the backend for pure content.

Free the servers

using the client side rendering options, the servers are practically only used for the initial load and the pure content delivery. This is how you can now have practically free servers, allowing you more than 100 x more websites on your server than the other systems.

Go to servers only for the data

Now you can have far less servers to run your websites, meaning you have far lower costs and you use less energy to run them. Saving the world by less energy consumption.

The game has changed.


DominoCMS is based on an easy-to-learn model-view-controller (MVC) structure. Each template item includes centralised MVC files, where from one place you can get the database content (model - php), render the html into the view (view - jsx) and control it with the frontend controller (controller - js).No framework, just pure coding.


DominoCMS uses pushstate for the page transitions, so there are no actual page reloads and no wasted traffic wasted on reloading from the server. On every state change, the system only goes back for the pure content. Now you can mage web applications and websites with the look, smoothness and power of good old Flash.

No more
(de)pressing words.


Easy installation is



Arguably the fastest CMS out there

Support DominoCMS development

DominoCMS is the result of almost twenty years of development and hard work of Dominik Černelič with the aim of creating the world's most optimised and versatile web system. DominoCMS is until now fully self funded. For the chance to get to the next level, support is needed to grow a team and launch the worldwide service.

If you want, you can support me via Paypal or contact me for expansion ideas.

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