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Server licence

Server licence gives you a multi-website solution, running on a closed system where you can create, manage all websites and apps from one place. Ideal for studios and agencies.


With a licence you get full support, from server set-ups, cms installation, to basic help or building items, modules and websites for your agency.

Manage all your websites from one place

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Developers & Freelancers

Multisite licence is great for your small business or single operation.

Marketing Agencies

DominoCMS can easily handle thousands of websites, where your production team can handle all of them from one place. Programming, editing and administration.

Support DominoCMS development

DominoCMS is the result of almost twenty years of development and hard work of Dominik Černelič with the aim of creating the world's most optimised and versatile web system. DominoCMS is until now fully self funded. For the chance to get to the next level, support is needed to grow a team and launch the worldwide service.

If you want, you can support me via Paypal or contact me for expansion ideas.

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